June 26 Showcase Line-up

The Composers

Cameron DettmanAlan Goldner
Rylan Leo Helmuth Geno Henderson
Clint Holmes Jim McKenzie
Jeff NeimanDanny Roque
Abigayle Rose
Keith Thompson
Laura Trent
Giada Valenti
Robby Wingfield
And More!
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The Performers:

Chase Brown Toscha Comeaux Tonja Foster Lyrehc Jordan
Tai Lewis Jolana Sampson Ashley Stone Yahm Steinberg
Rachel Tyler Valerie Witherspoon   
And More!    
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The Players:

Rocco Barbato
Andrew Boostrom Ryan Bull Gary Cordell
Quentin English II
Steve FloraPhilip Fortenberry Kimberly Glennie
Jakubu Griffin James Harvey Bill Leary
Steven Lee
James Mares Wes Marshall
Jimmy McIntosh
Keith Nelson
Reed Olson
Phina Romero Vincent Ruffule Eric Runquist
Adam Shendal Matthew Struckler John Summers David Warner
Crystal Yuan    
And More!   
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The Team:

Stage Managers:Jay AlgerCole BeckerJustin Lex
 Eric PaprotnyErica Santucci 
Lighting:Steve Mack
Sound:Kevin HarveyKevin Ruschmann
Video :Batu Tavkul  
Photography :Don Cadette
Associate Producer :Will Adamson