June 15-Starting Over! Showcase Line-up

The Composers

Dennis BlairTravis CloerVita Corimbi DrewClint Holmes
Paula Dione IngramMichelle JohnsonChris Lash
Jeff Neiman
Richard OberackerMichael ShapiroKeith Thompson
And More!
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The Performers:

Cait AryIan Ward BrininstoolTyriq JohnsonRuby Lewis
Gret Menzies GonzalezTymara Walker
And More!
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The Players:

Philip FortenberryPablo GaddaJess GopenJakubu Griffin
Josh JonesSteven LeeWes MarshallPaul Molloy
Keith NelsonChris NicholsDave OstremEddie Rich
Jack RothEric SandeLindsey SpringerSteve Weiss
Sage West
And More!
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The Team:

Stage Managers:Erica Santucci Eric Paprotny Jay Alger
 Cole BeckerAlex Garland
Lighting:Andy Shores
Sound:Kevin Ruschmann
Video :C&E Productions LLC  
Associate Producer:Will Adamson